It’s been more than a year since I began blogging and I promised myself that I would make it a habit to write more than once a month. I’ve broken that rule liberally. Fortunately, I am remiss for many good reasons for things that have happened in my life.

But I am back to writing not because I am less busy, but because I am compelled to write about a movie I saw today. I haven’t been to the movies in a while, so when my close friend, Sorin, invited me to see “Lars and the Real Girl” at the nearby Ritz, I didn’t hesitate.

“Lars” is nothing short of amazing. Without giving away too many spoilers, “Lars” is the story of a young man’s fantasy girlfriend and her role in humanizing him. The movie which begins by highlighting the humorous trials and travails of the town’s attempts to accept Lar’s girlfriend grows pretty soon into the story of Lar’s growth and self-realization. It is a moving, tightly scripted masterpiece of direction and some of the finest acting this year. Ryan Gosling plays Lars convincingly as the kind of person you want in your life not because of the interesting consequences of his imagination, but because of his courage. It takes plenty of creativity to flesh out a fictional character, but it also takes guts to ignore the skeptics.

While watching Lars, it becomes pretty clear that the audience falls into two categories of viewers: those who seldom lose sight of the levity of the situation and those who want to suspend belief even for a short while. My two cents for those watch it though is that if you leave the theater without appreciating the strength of the human mind and its capacity to heal itself, you are missing something. Because there are movies that succumb to the temptation of fantasies of the mind and then there are movies that give it the respect it deserves.


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