Throughout my life, next to Indians, I’ve interacted with Americans more than any other culture. So you could say that I’m a product of both cultures. So one of the clear distinctions I’ve seen about the way Americans talk compared to Indians is that Americans give a lot of importance to the habit of forming an opinion.
I haven’t kept count of how many times I’ve been told by people here that having an opinion matters. But I wonder if as a culture we have swung to the other end by emphasize the act of holding an opinion over the process of forming an opinion.
As a culture we Americans value one metric of our reality above all else: velocity. The numerator being space and denominator being time. The quicker you arrive at an opinion, the more control you can exert over your environment.
But this is a short term goal. Because pretty soon, everyone is shouting their own unsubstantiated opinion over each other, without acknowledging the elephant in the room: that we don’t know anything.

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